site selection and Soil Preparation


I  Site Selection

       A. Hill tops and hill sides along water sheds or glacial     


                   1.  Offer good cold air and water drainage

                   2.  Catch breezes and sun to dry foliage quickly

        B.  Soil with 2-3% organic matter

        C.  Sights away from trees that offer bird roosting

II. Soil Preparation

         A.  Depth:  Minimum depth of 30 inches for root zone

         B.  Have a comprehensive soil test taken  0-8” depth and 0-

               16” depth and adjust accordingly tilling in supplements

                  1.  PH 5.5-6.5

                  2.  Macronutrients

                              a.  Phosphorous 40-50

                              b.  Potassium  250-300

                  3. Micronutrients                                                      

                              a.  Magnesium 200-250
                              b.  Zinc 8-10
                              c.  Boron 1.5-2.0

         C.  Have the plot sub soiled to a depth of 1-2 ft. when soil is 


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