A.     All trellis types need strong end posts with some type of 


                   B.     Single High wire

                            1.      For less vigorous varieties with trailing growth                  


                            2.      Common row spacing 10ft., plant spacing 6-8 

                                      ft., fruiting wire 5-6ft. off the ground

                    C.     Vertical Shoot Positioned

                             1.      For varieties with upright growth habit

                             2.      Common row spacing 10 ft., plant spacing 6-

                                       8ft.,  fruiting wire 3 ft. off the ground

                    D.     Geneva Double Curtain

                             1.      For vigorous varieties with trailing growth 


                             2.      Common row spacing 12 ft., plant spacing 6-8 

                                       ft., 4 ft. between fruiting wires, 5-6 ft. off the   


                     E.      Lyre

                             1.      For vigorous varieties with upright growth 


                             2.      Common row spacing 12ft., plant spacing 6-8 

                                       ft., 4 ft. between fruiting wires, 3 ft. off the 


Footnote:  Fruiting wire refers to the wire that the fruiting cane or cordon is trained on

Suggested reading material:   Sunlight into Wine    by Richard Smart & Mike Robinson ( an in depth study of Winegrape Canopy Management) 

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